Intro to On-Camera Acting

A great opportunity for beginning actors to learn the fundamentals of slates, script analysis, camera technique, and connecting moment-to-moment in a scene. In this introductory course you will learn some of the vital elements needed for on-camera acting:

     • Get an overview of the on-camera acting process
     • Deal with nerves and let go of inhibitions
     • Explore on-camera vs. stage acting
     • Work on-camera every class!

Class is limited to 14 students and all will work on-camera. This intro class will prepare you for the two 8-week courses that follow:
On-Camera Acting I and On-Camera Acting II.


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Thursdays | Jun 25, Jul 2 & 9



On-Camera Acting I

Continue to grow your skills in a supportive environment. On-Camera Acting I is designed to expose the budding actor to all aspects of on-camera acting. Overcome your fears and enjoy the process of performing. Build a solid foundation and begin to apply your skills to actual scripts from TV, film, commercials, and corporate videos. This course focuses on using imagination, concentration, and insight to create strong, believable characters. Gain valuable information about the "Business of Acting" during the last class.

     • Unlock your imagination and emotions
     • Connect moment-to-moment for truth and believability
     • Commit emotionally-become the character
     • Learn script analysis and subtext-"reading between the lines"
     • Build your confidence with expert guidance
     • Work on commercials, corporate, TV and film scripts
     • "Business of Acting" seminar to help get you started!

Prerequisites: Intro to On-Camera Acting or instructor's approval.
Limited to 14 students.


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Tuesdays | Jun 2 - Jul 21




On-Camera Acting II

Take your talent to the next level and fine-tune your personal style as an actor.  A top talent agent views your taped film scenes and gives personalized feedback!

On-Camera Acting II strengthens your ability to move beyond "acting" to fully bring your characters to life. Develop the kind of connection and commitment that allows you to act and react truthfully in the moment. Learn how to analyze any type of script, adding your own unique point of view. Become comfortable with the special requirements and techniques of acting for the camera.

     • Make stronger, more imaginative choices
     • Deepen your connection to your character and to others
     • Bring more power to your performance
     • Add more colors and levels to your acting
     • Find the beats and transitions in a scene
     • Understand various genres and how to approach them
     • Make camera technique second-nature
     • Get your work in front of an agent and see what they think!

Prerequisites: On-Camera Acting I or instructor's approval.
Limited to 12 students and includes an agent visit.


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On-Going Film/TV Audition

Back by popular demand... where working actors get an on-camera workout!

Prerequisites are either On-Camera I, On-Camera II or Instructor Approval.

Strengthen your skills and explore your creativity with other experienced actors. Film and TV has definitely come to Georgia! This means our audition skills have to be sharp and ready to go for those last minute castings. Cold reading is a skill every actor should have. In this class, weíll work on different styles of reads each night, so whether itís dramatic or comedic--episodic, sitcom or feature film, you can go in the room with confidence. Donít fear that last minute script. Have fun and enjoy your audition.

     • Discover audition do's and don'ts
     • Find out what it takes to get callbacks and book more jobs
     • Stay sharp and prepared for auditions and for the job
     • Practice and reinforce your skills as an actor
     • Tackle challenging material and explore it in-depth
     • Experience the benefits of an ongoing workshop
     • Donít fear that last minute script

Class size limited to 12. Prior on-camera experience required.


Pay online now or call 404-499-9996.
Mondays | Jun 8 - Jun 29
(Ongoing) 7-10pm

Pay Monthly: $125

Wednesdays | Jul 15 - Sep 2


May 20 - Jul 18
Apr 30 - Jun 18