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Beginning Voice-Over

As head of the voice-over department with one of Atlanta’s top agencies, Della enjoyed booking talent for this challenging and fun area of the business. We’ve all heard the voice behind the TV commercial, or the radio spot that compels us to buy that product! It sounds so easy when we hear it, but the fact is… it takes practice. 

This workshop, limited to 14 students, introduces you to the tools and techniques of voice-over. In this class, you will learn:

     • Microphone technique
     • Enunciation and delivery (bring it off the page-deliver in ideas)
     • Reading with inflection to sound natural and conversational 
     • Pacing and how to approach the different styles of commercials


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Intermediate Voice-Over

You liked the challenge of the Beginning VO class and decided you're up for what it takes to be a voice actor. In this 8-week format, the scripts are more demanding and the skills you have learned take on a whole new meaning. The Intermediate class is also great preparation and helps determine whether you are ready for the 6-week voice-over demo workshop.

In the final class, the first 2 hours is dedicated to The Business of Voice-Over. One of Atlanta’s top VO Agents will not only do an evaluation read with each student and give valuable feedback, but explain in detail the business end of doing voice-over for a living. Part of the time will be dedicated to a question & answer session to address your individual concerns.

The last hour of the class is with the instructor, who will walk you through handouts and information on mic technique, and how to set up your own in-home studio, along with advice on where and how to purchase your equipment, as well as info on VO auditioning websites.

Prerequisite: Beginning Voice-Over or approval of instructor. Class size limted to 12 and the last class includes an agent visit.


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Voice-Over Demo Workshop

With Della Cole

This 6-week workshop is dedicated to producing a professionally edited 60 second Voice-Over demo suitable to upload to your agent's website, mail to production companies, or to submit by email as an MP3.

Della teaches the course and then designs and records the reads for your demo. Your work will then be finalized by compressing, equalizing and adding SFX and music.

Note: Must have taken Beginning and Intermediate Voice-Over to be considered.

Workshop is limited to 6 students - instructor approval required.


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