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Audition Taping

Be Seen At Your Most Professional

Many agents are now requesting or even requiring that actors “self-tape” auditions. This may seem daunting or impossible if you are not technically savvy about the latest computer software available to do this, and you may not have appropriate camera equipment, lighting, and a suitable location or background. It’s important to be seen at your most professional. In a taped audition, you have more control over the variables.

Taping Options
yourACT is now offering Audition Taping & Private Coaching for $75/hour.

Payment is made directly to the person doing your taped session - cash or check only please.  No credit cards or online payments.

File Delivery
After taping we convert the file to MOV (Quicktime) format, preferred by casting directors (or another format if needed), then upload and email the link by YouSendIt (or upload to your Actors Access account, Now Casting, Casting Networks, etc). We can email a copy of the link to you as well to save on your computer for future reference.
Taping Environment
We use Sony HD camcorders and soft box lighting for the best possible image. The background is a plain light color so as not to pull focus from you and your audition. An actor reads with you off-camera and you can choose what takes to share with casting.


Available Weekdays | 11:30am - 4:30pm
Call 404-499-9996 to schedule your session.

*Private Coaching
For scripts of 5 pages or more, private coaching is strongly recommended, and the cost is $75/hr. Most coaching sessions for auditions last one hour, including time spent uploading and sending the scene to your agent, a casting director, or a website.
Schedule Taping
Weekdays | 11:30am - 4:30pm
Call 404-499-9996

$25 for 20 mins
$40 for 30 mins
$60 for 45 mins
$75 for 60 mins
$110 for 90 mins

Payment Options:
Payment is due at the time of taping by cash or check made payable to the person putting you on tape or camera.

Cancellation Policy:
Your session time is scheduled solely for you. Please honor this time and your instructor's time. Clients will be charged the full session fee when cancellations occur with less than 24 hours notice. Notification of cancellation must be received by email to: actingatlanta@yahoo.com

Late Policy:
If clients are late for an appointment, they will forfeit the missed time and the session will end as scheduled.