Rapid Memorization Workshop

Taught by B. Todd Johnston

Actors have to memorize lines. It's part of our job. Do you dread this task? Are you mystified by the process and wish you knew a better way?

This workshop gives you specific tools that make memorizing fun and exciting. You will improve your cold read skills, develop your acting instincts, and increase your confidence in auditions.

You will have a chance to put this technique into practice in this fast-paced 4-hour workshop. You'll be trained in how to apply this amazing memorization process to 2 scripts that you'll receive when you arrive, a spokesperson commercial and a scene. By the end of the day, you'll be put on camera without the script in your hand. 

The course is based on S.M.T.™ (the Somatic Memorization Technique developed by David Dalton, Acting Coach and Casting Director, and Chad Schnackel, Actor, Writer, and Director). You can order the DVD "How To Memorize Lines Fast" for $19.95 online now.

Visit the official site for more information. This special workshop is limited to 12 students.


One Day Only - Saturday, 1 pm - 5 pm
July 20
Saturday, July 20
Call 404-499-9996 or use Paypal now.